Every day, we are dedicated to delivering our customers the perfect diamond grading report in the easiest possible way. We expedite the grading reports through our partners straight to consumers, offering them the highest level of security and accuracy. When purchasing an Avenue Joaillerie graded diamond you can rest assured the characteristics described in its accompanying grading report have been thoroughly checked by our expert gemmologists. Our grading reports incorporate exclusive security features, visible only by loupe and UV light. Microtext, fluo marks, line structure, a hologram and unique structured paper make an HRD Antwerp grading report tamper-proof. We issue grading reports for natural diamonds, fancy colored natural diamonds, disclosed laboratory grown diamonds, disclosed treated diamonds and diamond jewellery.

The 4Cs

No two diamonds are exactly alike. Each one is unique. This is why over the years a universal standard for identifying diamonds has been set. The quality and value of a diamond is defined according to the 4Cs: carat, colour, clarity and cut.

The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats. One carat equals 0.2 grams or 100 points, which indicates the size. HRD Antwerp has extremely accurate scales that measure up to 5 figures after the decimal point

Most diamonds range in colour from colourless (‘D’) to tinted colour (‘Z’). The colour gradeis determined by comparison with a series of master stones, the best grade being D. A perfect diamond has no colour at all.

All natural diamonds have traces of their growth history, which determine the diamond’s purity. In most gem-quality diamonds, these are minor internal characteristics or inclusions. The very best and rarest stones are rated ‘loupe clean’. Carat Colour Clarity Cut A diamond’s cut is essential to its beauty and is a combination of craftsmanship and scientific knowledge. The right proportions and finish create internal reflections that maximize a stone’s sparkle, brilliance, and fire.

Additional services

My HRD Antwerp My HRD Antwerp is a secure 24/7 online service that allows you to manage the certification process of submitted diamonds and jewellery. You can also find and download a digital duplicate of any valid HRD Antwerp Diamond Grading Report or Jewellery Report.

Sealing Sealing guarantees that a given grading report and the corresponding diamond belong together, and it keeps the diamond safe from oil and dirt.

Laser Inscription To laser inscribe diamonds, HRD Antwerp uses high-quality excimer short-wave technology. Your laser inscription cannot be seen with the naked eye, and consequently does not affect the diamond’s physical appearance or value.

Fast & Super Fast Service  (Mumbai & Antwerp Diamond Lab Only)

Fast service: Diamonds delivered to the Diamond Lab before 12 AM will be returned fully graded after 4 PM the next day.

Superfast service: Diamonds delivered to the Diamond Lab before 10 AM will be returned to you after 4 PM the same day fully graded.


Hearts & Arrows diamonds are precisely cut round brilliants that, when examined using a special viewer, display eight hearts through the pavilion from below and eight arrows through the crown from above. Their specific proportions and symmetry result in the most extraordinary brilliance and fire. HRD Antwerp is the leading authority when it comes to scientifically detecting Hearts and Arrows in your diamond. Indeed, HRD Antwerp is the only company worldwide that has developed in-house Hearts & Arrows equipment and software that is 100 % reliable. This exclusive software allows the visualization of both hearts and arrows in one setup. Based on measurements of the hearts and arrows patterns, this system delivers consistent, objectively measured hearts and arrows grades. There is no room for human interpretation; pure scientific objectivity makes our results 100% consistent and reliable.

Tailor-made solutions for jewellery retailers

In store tools HRD Antwerp offers a neutral analysis and supporting tools to legitimize the business of jewellery retailers. We provide the most reliable grading reports, but we have more to offer. HRD Antwerp helps you achieve trust at first glance with our retailer support tools. The programme contains all the key elements you need to attract and inform prospective customers during their decision-making process. These kits will help you attract, advise and convince more customers and boost your sales.

Tailored grading programmes HRD Antwerp offers various possibilities to retailers who wish to start a line of tailored HRD Antwerp grading reports. We can personalize it with the name and logo of your patented shape, or with a specific diamond drawing. There are many different possibilities, and we are always happy to discuss any new idea you might have.

Centre of Excellence and Point of Trust

This concept is solely for partners who exclusively sell HRD Antwerp certified diamonds. We deliver an innovative and intuitive variety of in-store tools (see below Retail Kit) – including interactive pillars with built-in screens – to explain the diamond grading process in a transparent and modern way (the 5Cs – Carat, Colour, Clarity, Cut, Confidence). In addition to the in-store tools, the retailer will be registered as Centre of Excellence on our online Retailer Mapping Service. The retailer and his/her staff will also benefit from a 2-day Diamond Sales Training given by one of our HRD Antwerp Senior Lecturer.

This concept is available for partners with a dedicated HRD Antwerp corner in their store. Our in-store tools will add a touch of Antwerp prestige to your jewellery shop, while explaining the 5Cs in a transparent way. Our range of tools includes charts, brochures and holders, jewellery plates, and other items for their show window and counter. These Retail Kits will help them attract, advise and convince more customers, and boost their sales. In addition to the in-store tools, the retailer will be registered as Point of Trust on our online Retailer Mapping Service.

The HRD Antwerp Research Department was established when the company was founded in 1973, to meet a profound need for a dedicated research unit.

Our main task today is to monitor and investigate diligently the latest developments in diamond synthesis and colour treatments, to safeguard consumer confidence. This is crucial for the development of new detection protocols for diamonds that are potentially lababoratory grown or have been subjected to a colour treatment. In order to do so, HRD Antwerp invests in various in-house research & development programmes and collaborates with various prestigious research entities around the world.

At our diamond Lab, all potential laboratory grown and colour-treated diamonds are separated from the natural diamonds and sent to the HRD Antwerp Research Department for further investigation. Here, high-tech laboratory equipmets are used to detect the laboratory grown and colour treated diamonds.